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10 Week Mobile Detailing Business Course

One Time Payment of $100

Are you ready to take your side hustle and turn it into a full time business? That's exactly what you'll learn in Clean Command Academy.

It's a 10 week course consisting of over 20 hours of live video training broken down into 2 hours of live training once a week. You will also receive a link to our discord server which will serve as your reference guide with tons of notes and examples to help you in your journey.

We will walk you through the steps from landing your first full time customer all the way to operating a full fledged business. 

This includes:

Creating high quality offers

Website creation


Social media posts


Payment systems

Proper communication


Product selection, and much more

The First Class Start September 15, 2022 at 5pm EST. 📅

Our guarantee is that if you do not gain $100 worth of value by the end of the course, then we will send you your money back! 🔥

To reserve your spot, select your preferred payment option below! ⬇️

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